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Much more useful with customizable solutions according to your project

It can be produced in Hot-dip galvanized, Pre-galvanized, Stainless steel (304-316), Aluminum and Electro static powder coated types in accordance with the types of cable ducts.

Much more useful with customizable solutions according to your project

It helps protect and route power lines with cable carrier equipment, cables/hoses in machines and hydraulics for a variety of applications including robotics, handling, textile industries, water treatment plants, machine tools and much more. Our systems reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent tangling and increase operator safety.

Chemical resistance, lightness and low cost are its main advantages. Steel chains are used under extreme bearing loads and high mechanical or other special requirements. Hardened (cemented) steel is required to achieve a long life in extreme cycles.

Our cable carrier options offer a wide selection to ensure you get the right setup for your application.

Within a cable carrier system, the cable bundle usually makes up the majority of the investment. We offer solutions with our high quality, highly flexible cable and integrated cable chains. After considering your carrier dimensions, clearance, direction of travel, bracket configuration, and other variables, we design and deliver your system as a ready-to-install package system, saving you additional labor and downtime.

Cable ladders are designed to allow higher ventilation to support high linear loads and maintain a constant cable temperature inside, even with cable tray covers. Therefore, cable ladders are mainly suitable for power cable installations.

Thermal expansion of cable ladder parts: Our connections with cross-slots allow greater deflection between elements, recovering any possible expansion without damage. Its electrical continuity is guaranteed by the correct installation of the connections and/or the copper jumper; For this purpose, properly marked grounding holes are made on cable trays and related accessories.