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Our Effect on the Electric Field is Concrete

Gersan Elektrik's corporate policy is basically to provide you with a comprehensive service and unrivaled customer service, to meet all your electrical needs and requirements, including busbar systems, and to provide high quality services in terms of both the materials provided and the care taken.​

Our Effect on the Electric Field is Concrete

Based on our commitment to quality and service, and always under our criteria and supervision, we expand the range of products we manufacture by auditing.

Our impact in the field of electricity is tangible. The starting point is always our customers; we secure the real paths to a brighter, more sustainable future with the range of solutions we offer. As electricity transforms its future and moves forward with sustainable growth, we define our culture of values to our actions.

Our Value Culture

Safety and Well-being

Safety and well-being are the foundation of who we are as a company and the fabric that binds all other values together.


The quality of our service and final product is a direct result of the pride we take in our work.

Respect and Cooperation

We treat all people with respect and value diversity. Through collaboration, we achieve results.


Every employee is expected to assume their responsibilities and be responsible for their actions and decisions.

Customer Focused Work

We safely provide cost-effective and reliable energy to meet our customers' needs.

Health and Environment

We are committed to achieving our business goals in an environmentally friendly and protective manner.