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Combining ergonomics, efficiency and aesthetics

Uninterrupted power distribution, easy management or aesthetically pleasing environmental compatibility... We add strength to your power with our panel solutions for all your needs.

Combining ergonomics, efficiency and aesthetics

The distribution board is a module of the supply system that divides an electrical power supply into auxiliary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. Overcurrent protected main switch and residual current breakers are also parts of the system. Distribution Boards are used in all major industries where heavy machinery is used. The purpose of the distribution board is not only to serve to distribute the incoming power efficiently, but also to protect the secondary circuits in case of overload and short circuit.

Gersan solar panels can help you provide cleaner and less costly power to your home with solar rays while increasing control over your energy use and reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. To help meet the increasing electricity needs of our customers, Gersan Elektrik is committed to using reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy sources that give the best results.

Surface and flush mounted distribution boards are applied in home and industrial architecture for the assembly of modular equipment with protection against dust and other pollution (IP40, IP65).

Rack cabinets are safes that provide the order and security of electronic devices and computer systems used in offices or homes.