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Manage your energy distribution wisely

With the Gersan Smart Busbar system, measurement, control and monitoring can be performed with transmitter and receiver units to be mounted between GNL, GL, GGD, and GS and 25-6000A in all Bus-bar systems. Analyzer measurements, switch controls, etc. as G-Bus signals, with the structure in DIN Rail standards, so that the relevant units can be easily mounted in the outlet boxes. They can process bidirectional information and commands.

Manage your energy distribution wisely

Automation, as it is used in industry, is the loading of a certain part of the workload in which the human power plays a role, to the machines.

G-Bus Automation System; It consists of a transmitter module that sends signals to the power line and works in connection with the server with the patented PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, and Busbar output units with a receiver module to which the load elements are connected. G-Bus Automation System does not need any communication or supply cables and eliminates an important cost item by communicating from the power line. Busbar compatibility of the system allows installation on previously installed busbars.

When used as a Lighting Automation System, it can perform on-off-dim commands. When used as an Industrial Automation System, it can perform on-off-energy monitoring-meter reading commands.

G-Bus Transmitter unit provides communication with the server program by providing the connection and isolation between the power line and the network. If the power monitoring Analyzer unit is mounted in the output box, it is very difficult to read due to the height. For this reason, we recommend using analyzer systems with a G-BUS receiver Module. Thus, it is possible to transmit the data in the output box to the server center over the power line without using any additional parallel lines as in traditional systems.

Groups and scheduled tasks are created in the computer software, allowing the relevant receivers to perform the functions at the desired time. In addition, it is possible to access the automation system both over the local network and over the internet. In this way, it is possible to remotely control the devices in the system by connecting to the server with the user name and password from each computer with the computer interface installed.

You have support for more than 21 communication protocols. You can transfer your data in the field to higher systems with wide communication protocol support. From building automation to factory automation, from advanced sensor technologies to cloud systems, you can find solutions for all your needs at G-Bus. All standard fieldbus systems have features such as CodeSys base, easy programming structure and compatibility with current systems, cyber security, IoT Controllers Integrated Linux operating system.

With Lighting Automation, opening new sections in work areas, grouping rooms or sections, adjusting the brightness level, constant light control, control by creating a system-specific calendar, control over working start-end times, etc. changes can be made easily. Modern lighting management offers more than just energy and cost savings. It combines economy and resource efficiency with comfort and flexibility for the user. Proper lighting helps increase motivation and is preventative against workplace accidents.