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We save up to 55% in energy efficiency

Contribute to the future of both yourself and our country by saving a huge amount of energy you spend on lighting, thanks to our flexible solutions for your needs.

We save up to 55% in energy efficiency

Led-Bus lighting system consists of the combination of G-Bus industrial automation system and led lighting systems.

Led-Bus system has a compact structure where no external connection is visible and connection can be made without using an output plug and cable.

It can be used with Gersan Busbar with internal connection as well as with normal connection. Led-Bus and G-Bus is an automation system.

By using Led-Bus and G-Bus systems, you can benefit from the government's 30% support, as you save on electrical energy.

OSRAM and NICHIA Midpower LEDs are used in Led-Bus products. Drivers, Automation units, On-Off and Dimming units used in Ledbus units GERSAN A.Ş. Designed and manufactured by Ledbus products offer a more efficient light structure to its users with different reflector options. Alanod Miro-Led structure developed by Alanod company for use only in led technology is used.

Any organism that causes disease is called a pathogen. As you know, the process of destroying pathogens on surfaces is disinfection. When organisms are exposed to UVC light, these rays are absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins, and their energy damages the RNA structure of pathogens and provides disinfection.

Benefits of Disinfection with UV Technology

  •   Effective in the deterioration of the structure of viruses and bacteria in air, surface and water
  •   99.9% solution against bacteria and viruses
  •   Removes allergens
  •   Reduces bacterial odors in the system
  •   low cost solution
  •   Maintenance free as it is UVC led
  •   Effective solution up to 60,000 hours using Violeds technology
  •   Does not contain mercury due to its structure
  •   easy to use
  •   Biological disinfection, not chemical
  •   Space or rooms can be used immediately and continuously after installation
  •   Indoor air quality increases
  •   24/7 continuously available

Lighting intersects with every aspect of modern life. Gersan Lighting Systems Division strives to expand markets, achieve reasonable energy and environmental regulations, and promote the benefits of lighting. The lighting industry is in the midst of major disruptive changes due to the widespread adoption of light-emitting diode (LED) technology. When sensors, networks and software are connected to or added to LED infrastructures, the resulting system provides services, benefits and revenue streams that exceed the value of lighting alone. The LED revolution not only impacts efficiency, cost, demand, production and global competition, it allows greater control over lighting, providing more consumer choices and better quality lighting designs.

It is the Smart BUSBAR Technology that allows all loads connected to the busbar system to be controlled using the power line. The automation system consists of a transmitter and pre-addressed receivers. There is a receiver module in the busbar output plug, so that lighting and similar electrical devices can be fed, motor contactor-switch can be controlled. These functions can be on, off, dimming, as well as sending information to devices or using temperature, humidity, electrical values, etc. can receive all feedback. The number of receivers on a system is limited only by the total load current of the system.