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Sustainable energy for future generations

We raise awareness of our employees about the environment and determine strategies for continuous improvement, development, planning and implementation.

Sustainable energy for future generations

Our Quality Policy;

It is the adoption of "fulfilling applicable conditions towards customer expectations and satisfaction, continuous improvement, and setting and implementing strategies for development planning" and working in a way that will ensure continuous improvement.

Our Environmental Policy;

To raise awareness among our employees about the environment, and to continuously improve for the protection of the environment, enhancement, prevention of pollution, increasing environmental performance, and ensuring compliance with legal and other conditions and regulations.

Our Human Health and Safety Policy;

To instill in all our employees the awareness that a healthy and safe working environment is an indispensable part of life, to develop and continuously improve this.

To Achieve This Purpose

  • Displaying successful performance beyond standards for continuous improvement by fulfilling the requirements of legal and other conditions regarding occupational health and safety within the framework of current laws and regulations,
  • Identifying, preventing, reducing, and eliminating hazards that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • Ensuring that employees have a good occupational health and safety awareness through training and other activities and that it is adopted by taking joint responsibility by personnel,
  • Maximizing sustainable occupational health and safety by assessing risks and opportunities and preventing hazards at their source,
  • Creating a strong occupational health and safety culture that takes into account the needs and expectations of relevant parties and contributes to the implementation and development of all employees,
  • Committing to ensure the continuity of management system performance with the leadership of senior management and the participation of employees in line with occupational health and safety objectives.


Gülfem OKTAY