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Both useful and stylish junction boxes

It provides safe and secure cable distribution together, freeing work areas from cable tangles. It adds aesthetics to your workspaces with its modern look.

Both useful and stylish junction boxes

They are underfloor systems applied in the interiors of modern buildings. Underfloor cable trays provide the highest level of cable security and are connected to the electrical grid via modern looking junction boxes. Telephone, data and network terminals can also be connected through a single point, thanks to junction boxes arranged in 8 or 12 boxes.

Raised floor system provides easy access for maintenance. It contains very few parts and has a very simple setup that allows even large jobs to be done by one person. Sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches wide allow you to find the perfect fit for your project and use the standard 2 ft x 2 ft grid spacing used on all raised floors.