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Gersan Cable Support System

It is the apparatus that provides the most suitable assembly of cable trays according to the load tests specified in the projects.

Gersan Cable Support System

Cable transport systems provide reliable transportation, support and fixation of cable harnesses used for energy distribution and communication of structures. When the elements that make up the system are considered one by one, they are not very complex products in terms of their physical properties and production techniques. However, considering the safety risks of the installation of which they will be a part and the targets of use for many years, they are products that should have a meticulous and high quality production process from raw material to assembly service.

Cable Support System

Fast assembly and usability are very important in the connection systems of cable trays. In addition, the channel in question should offer flexibility in use. In addition, security is among the sine qua non and it is necessary to be sure of the security of the system used. Gersan Elektrik has taken the reference of many well-established companies for more than 35 years with its successful installations.