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Busbar Systems

Busbar systems that provide maximum flexibility and ease of installation; offers electrical efficiency in the distribution of low voltage power for both commercial and industrial applications.


Cable Trays Systems

Systems used to support and securely fix insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control and communication in electrical installations of buildings. Used to securely fix cables and ducts.


Cable Support System

It consists of apparatus that provides the most appropriate assembly of cable trays according to the load tests specified in the projects. Used in a wide variety of applications including robotics, handling, textile industries.


Earthing Systems

It is the transfer of dangerous currents that occur in case of any fault to the ground by connecting the inactive metal parts of the electrical operating vehicles with the ground by means of a conductor. Gersan manufactures all necessary conductors and connectors for grounding systems.


Distribution Panels

Thanks to its busbar structure, it can be used to energize facilities such as factories, hospitals, buildings and skyscrapers. It is functional and decorative thanks to its ergonomic outer structure.


Underfloor Trunking

They are systems used under flooring in the interiors of modern buildings. Thanks to 8 and 12 junction boxes, telephone, data, ups and network outputs can be taken from a single place at the same time.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

G-Charge, Turkey's First Electric Vehicle Charging Station brand designed by Gersan Elektrik, is the pioneer of the sector. G-Charge has a modern structure that can offer different charging options. In terms of technology, it is a domestic and national system that is much superior to imported products.


Led-Bus System

Gersan Led-Bus Lighting Systems, which saves up to 74% in energy efficiency; For low-high ceiling, street-projector and office applications, it has 10W to 225W powers, 110-145lm/W values, 7-10 years guaranteed driver and 150,000 hours of life test.


G-Bus Automation

G-Bus Automation system, which is a system that can perform simple automation operations for industrial and commercial enterprises, is an automation system in which many devices can be connected, with a compact structure, low cost, easy to install and where each device can be addressed.


Over 40 Years of Experience

GERSAN A.Ş., one of the leading companies in the electricity sector, manufactures systems and materials that carry, combine and protect the conductors on the line from power plants to the socket at home.

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