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We produce projects with all the details considered and trouble-free

We prepare our projects according to the type of structure of the place where the application will be made, the purpose of use and the applicable standards, laws and regulations, taking into account the wishes of the customer. In project designs, the smallest details such as demand, exploration and project evaluation, product component selection, calculation and modeling, technical and economic evaluation and energy management are taken into account.

We produce projects with all the details considered and trouble-free

As Gersan Elektrik, our aim is to ensure that your projects are managed in the best way in the field of electrical contracting, to create the right projection for your possible future needs, in accordance with the target, cost and time criteria, in accordance with the Internal Installation Regulation, where the available resources are efficiently programmed and processes are controlled. Project management begins after the architectural project comes out. Following the examination of the architectural project, the electrical-electronic needs are determined and the draft project is prepared.

The systems that will provide the operational functions of the building or facility to be projected are selected and explained in detail. Alternative solutions related to the systems to be projected are studied in terms of feasibility and economy by specifying where and how the energy will be provided. It consists of explanation, drawings, technical specifications, calculations and specifications and supplementary documents that describe in detail how the electrical installations will be built in accordance with the systems determined in the preliminary project.